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Midland Railroad Hotel presents their inaugural Paranormal and Metaphysical festival hosted by Road Trip Paranormal!

Guest speakers, workshops, vendors, personal readings, topics of ghosts, Bigfoot, cleansing and sacred places. Dinner and drinks in the historical hotel, and ending the last night with a paranormal investigation of 3 locations.

We are in beginning phases of the festivities and taking sign ups for anyone in the paranormal and Metaphysical fields wanting to have a vendor’s booth. Sign ups for doing a workshop and for being a guest speaker. PLEASE MESSAGE US IF INTERESTED*** PRICE TO BE ANNOUNCED***

The event will have scheduled times for certain workshop and speakers. You can sign up as more details come along.

Ticket packages will be available for parts of the festival or all of it. Price and sell to be announced!!!!

Come enjoy meeting new people, learn from those in these fields, have dinner and explore this historical haunted hotel!!!